Finding A Certified Cell Phone Repair Center

17992196_sToday’s mobile phone models are much more sophisticated and feature-rich than those that were prevalent in the past, which unfortunately means that there’s a lot that can go wrong with them. If your phone isn’t working right, then you may need to look for a cell phone repair center in your area. Certified techs can conduct guaranteed repairs so that you don’t have to for over hundreds of dollars for a new smartphone.

Find A Tech That Specializes In Repairing Your Device

Some cell phone repair centers focus exclusively on iphones, others Android, and some are proficient at both.   Whether your screen is cracked, your battery has died or your apps aren’t working the way you want them too, it’s extremely likely that a good cell phone repair technician will know exactly what to do to successfully resolve the issue.

Check Online Reviews

Make sure you check online reviews, and do a research on the repair centers in your area.   Check for a A rating with the BBB, and good 4-5 stars on YELP, or other review sites.   You’ll be able to tell right away if the repair center actually has a certified technician, or a high school student watching youtube videos in the back to figure out how to perform a repair.    Many cell phone repair centers report that they get many customers that were lured into a unqualified repair center based upon a low price gimmick, and unfortunately ended up with a non-functioning phone, and sometimes even a phone in pieces.

Ask For A Free Diagnosis & Quote

In many cases, cell phone repairs can be performed in as little as 30 minutes or less, or while you wait, so it makes sense to simply stop in and ask for a quote.  Make sure they wait for your approval to move forward with a repair.  It not fun to find out you dropped off a phone for a diagnosis, and return to find a repair phone with an invoice waiting.

We all know how dependant we have become on our mobile devices.  We use them many tasks every day, which is another reason why repair is an attractive option.Don’t forget that most mobile device repair centers also repair iphones, ipads, ipods, android smartphones, tablets, and in some cases laptops.   So before you reach for your wallet to pay for a replacement phone, make a few phone calls and see how fast and affordable a repair would be in your area.

Turn On A New Energy Saving Future With LED Lights

swithing to LEDThe invention of the light bulb completely transformed man’s interaction with the world, opening the night to activity in ways torches, candles, and gas lights never could. That progress continues and becomes incredibly more energy efficient with advances in LED lights, or light emitting diodes.

Progress in this technology allow homes and businesses to easily incorporate LED lights to replace their existing lighting systems. New designs in fixtures, flexible circuit boards, and extruders, can make light more than just a convenience, but also a work of art. By placing strips of light overhead, under counters, along stair steps, and in other recesses, LED technology not only can be used to design a brighter space with greater illumination, but also a greater artistic vision.

The word is out about the green environmental advantages LED lights encompass. They are far more energy efficient than the old incandescent light bulbs, using 90 percent less energy. The sturdy, solid lights also have a much longer lifespan, lasting an average of about 50,000 hours. That means that an LED light that is operating eight hours a day will last 17 years before needing changing, dramatically cutting operating and maintenance costs.

LED lights also have proven to be much safer, since they generate no heat and actually are cool to the touch. This allows them to be used in areas other systems cannot, lighting up spaces where people may put their hands or lean against. It also reduces the risk of fires that have been caused by the heat generated by earlier generation lighting.

Because LED lights do not use fragile filaments or glass, they are far more durable than incandescent or fluorescent lights. The LED light itself is a small chip encased in an epoxy resin. Their durability in the event of vibration, shock, or extreme temperatures has made them highly viable for use as a lighting source in aviation, automotive, and aerospace applications as well as in the military and for traffic and security lighting.

The U.S. Department of Energy sees great potential as more and more residential, business, and industrial users turn to LED lighting. It hopes to see a 50 percent reduction in the energy used for lighting in a relatively short term.