Home Exterior LED Lighting

LED strip lighting
LED strip lighting

Until now, home exterior LED lighting has been rather neglected as a way of literally brightening up the outside of any property. Most people have been content to screw new LED bulbs into their old porch fixtures and accept the energy savings even if it doesn’t really do that much to enhance the appearance of the home.

That old paradigm is now at an end, thanks to the revolutionary new home exterior LED lighting fixtures manufactured by KLUS Designs. Instead of upgrading your existing light fixtures with new bulbs, it is now possible to replace those unimaginative old dinosaurs with any number of stunning KLUS fixtures engineered to maximize the design impact of tastefully-arranged new LED additions to the outside of your home.

LED fixtures free the installer from the rather narrow parameters imposed by older styles of lighting. In particular, the very low amount of heat generated by LEDs means that outdoor lighting can now be artfully deployed in many areas that were not previously possible due to the likelihood of damage caused by hot light fixtures. Nor should it be forgotten that weather effects can greatly degrade ordinary glass bulb lighting outdoors.

Safe, sturdy, sealed LED lighting has none of these drawbacks and offers a plethora of new design opportunities. Imagine using ground level baby spots to create a stunning shadow or backlit effect on the landscaping. Trace a winding walkway with recessed fixtures set into the side of a brick retaining wall.

LED lighting also offers a wide range of design types and light colors as well. The artistically-inclined are not restricted to working with a series of round orbs. LEDs come in squares and long runs and flexible light sticks that can be curved and twisted into any shape desired. Cunning and unique methods of turning these new fixtures on and off are also now available.

When the time comes to beautify a new home or simply to rejuvenate an older one, home exterior LED lighting products from KLUS designs (www.klusdesign.com) offers the best of all worlds. Not only do they have the most modern and energy-efficient designs, but they also build their fixtures to last through a lifetime of service.