Tips On Choosing LED Light Fixtures

LED light fixtures should be chosen based on the kind of light you prefer in a certain part of the home, office, store or outdoor space. The various styles that you can choose from include surface mounted, recessed, suspended and standalone lamps. Choosing the right LED fixtures and bulbs will ensure that an area is illuminated just as you would like it to be. For instance, a floor lamp is great for mood lighting, while a suspended light would offer focused lighting.

Choosing the Focal Area

Your choice of LED light fixtures is largely dependent on the focal area that you intend to illuminate. Hanging light fixtures are great to place over tables and work spaces. They offer focused lighting, and are great for homes, offices and stores. You can opt to use one or several such fixtures in any room.

To choose the size of the fixture, interior d├ęcor experts suggest that you calculate the sum of the length and width of the room. The sum should be measured in feet. The size of the fixture should be the same number, but in inches.
Recessed fixtures offer soft and effective illumination. Do keep in mind that the light from such fixtures should wash over the walls. As the light bounces of the walls, it lights up the room in a wonderful manner. With this sort of a fixture, the room is evenly lit.

Standalone lamps should be used to illuminate a specific area. For instance, a floor lamp can light up a corner and offer some mood lighting. For tables, you could choose from many styles of lamps. It would be a good idea to opt for one that allows you to control the light beam.

Surface mounted fixtures can be used in versatile ways. They can be used to spotlight objects and pieces of art. Store owners find this style of LED light fixtures great for illuminating the products displayed on shelves. In homes, offices and stores this style of LED light fixtures can be easily mounted on most surfaces.


It is important to choose the right bulbs to go with your fixtures. Instead of selecting a bulb based on the Watts it uses, consider its measurement in lumens. While lumens measure the brightness offered by a bulb, Watts only refer to its energy usage.
The color of the light influences our experience in the area it lights up. Bulbs that offer cool white light give out blue waves, and help the mind stay focused. In contrast, softer warmer white light relaxes the eyes and the mind.