KLUS LLC – LED Lighting Manufacturer

KLUS LED LIGHTING PRODUCTSIf you’ve followed the evolution of LED lighting in residential and commercial applications, then you’ve probably heard of KLUS Design. KLUS has a long manufacturing history that dates back to 1977. The goal of the designers has been to develop LED accessories and lighting designs that are unique and responsive to the demands of consumers. They use state-of-the art technology that makes the manufacturing process efficient starting from conceptualization of the product to design and final delivery of solutions.

The company claims ownership of some of the leading designs that are used in the US and Europe and a fair analysis of the market show that a majority of the company’s products have standard designs that define the trends in the linear LED accessories and lighting products.

With the introduction of the LED technology, the company has become one of the most innovative companies that have brought a refreshing approach into the new designs that illustrate a revolution of the lighting industry. The team of experienced Klus designers is supported by excellent technology that supplements their skills and expertise. Their experience has created a shift from conventional lighting to the distinct LED lighting systems that were not obtainable before. This is the reason why the company has seen a sharp increase in the overall demand for their products from different groups of consumers.

Klus design team is motivated by the growing demand for energy efficient lighting and LED accessories. Based on their experience in the lighting industry, Klus designers and technical support have been able to manufacture extremely energy efficient LEDs that can save up to 30% of the total energy consumption when compared to conventional (incandescent) bulbs. With the growing need for “bulbless” house, KLUS has generated an incredible demand for its products because of their ability to create LED accessories that come in extremely small dimensions.

The fact that the company creates fully functional lighting from energy efficient fixtures demonstrates how the company has come a long way in establishing eco-friendly and modern lighting systems. They manufacture LED lighting systems that can be installed in numerous and complex applications that require lighting such as closets, kitchen cabinets, electrical appliances and other furnishing applications. The company manufactures lighting systems that are not only fully functional, but also attractive in the sense that they create value for a customer’s money.

For homeowners, commercial and industrial establishments that are looking for LED lighting, contacting Klus designers could be the difference between high-energy consumption and low-cost linear LED lighting through high-definition LED accessories.