Built In LED Lighting

Proper lighting is important in your home. Many people don’t realize it but LED lighting is now considered the best option to add beauty and functionality to your home living spaces.

This is especially true when it comes to selecting the kitchen lights.

Having kitchen LED lighting makes it easier to cook, saves on energy, and enhances any physical design elements you’ve installed. One of the most overlooked lighting features in any kitchen is LED built into cabinets.

LED lights can be installed or integrated into, on, and under, the drawers, cabinets, tables, and other hard to reach areas in your kitchen.  Cabinet LED lighting can serve as both ambient lights for an eye-pleasing design and also a highly functional light for everyday use.

How Do I Install Under Cabinet Lights?

Installation for light fixtures under cabinets varies based on when you’re installing them, your price point, and what you need the lights for.

Many homeowners install under cabinet lights as an add-on or addition to existing cabinetry. For these purposes, there are various LED lighting extrusions and lighting systems that make installation easy.  Visit KLUS Design for examples of LED extrusions.

If you are not a do it yourself type person, contact your local electrician.   No matter how you do it, integrated LED lights are a beautiful, functional, and efficient option for any home or business!

Advantages Of Outdoor LED Lighting

Outdoor lighting plays an integral role in illuminating our path as the day progresses and we lose the natural light of the sun. These lights are heavily relied upon to serve as motion sensor security devices to keep us safe at night. In addition, outdoor lighting brightens our sidewalks and streets, lights our driveways and adds visual appeal and function to our outdoor space. There are a number of reasons LED lights are the best option for lighting outdoor spaces. Included among the benefits of LED lighting are:

Energy Savings

LED lighting offers more lumens per watt, which is an indication that they shine brighter than incandescent or halide lights. Best of all, they do this while using considerably less energy.

Longer Life

These lights, depending on how they are used, have the capacity to last as long as 50,000 hours; that is approximately 25 years. This means significantly less burnt out streetlights.

Brighter Light

LED lights emit a brighter white in comparison to traditional halide street lamps. This helps with the delivery of much better illuminated sidewalks, streets and parking lots.

They Come On Instantly

When powered on, conventional lighting takes some time to warm up. When they are being used for lighting in cold, outdoor environments, this can prove quite challenging. LED lights require very little heat to operate and as such, they always power on instantly, even if the temperature is below freezing.


You will be able to find outdoor LED lighting in a variety of forms. These include motion sensor security lights, wall mounted fixtures, street lighting and so much more.


In contrast to other types of outdoor lighting, LEDs are made with durable materials like plastic, not glass. These lights can withstand harsh weather condition a lot better than conventional bulbs.

It is likely that in the near future, more and more cities could be using outdoor LED lighting for security lights and streetlights. While still more costly when compared to conventional lighting options, the energy-savings benefits of LEDs will help with paying for the lights over time.

Benefits And Features Of LED Lighting

LEDs are the longest-lasting and most efficient lighting option for all household use. Although they cost more upfront compared to traditional lighting systems, their energy savings will make up for this cost over and over. On average, an LED bulb gives you about 15,000 hours of usage, which is around 15 times longer compared to a standard incandescent bulb. Here are more benefits and features of an LED lighting system.



  • Efficiency: LEDs produce more lumens per watt compared to traditional light bulbs. Also, their efficiency has nothing to do with their size and shape as is the case with fluorescent tubes or light bulbs.
  • Color: It can emit the desired color of light without the use of a color filter like traditional light bulbs. This not only makes them more efficient but also lowers the initial costs.Size: These lighting options can be very small and can be attached easily to printed circuit boards.
  • On/off time: A typical LED bulb achieves complete brightness in just microseconds.
  • Longevity: One of the key benefits of LED lighting is a long lifespan. LEDs and bulbs have a great operational lifetime which sometimes goes up to 100,000 hours.
  • Eco-friendly: These lights are free of any toxic chemicals, unlike traditional lighting bulbs which were full of lots of toxic materials such as mercury.


  • Most LEDs are available for less than $10 and some as cheap as $3
  • They use up to 90% less energy compared to standard incandescent bulbs
  • Should last roughly 15,000 hours which is about 15 times more durable than traditional bulbs
  • Give instant full brightness upon being switched on
  • They come in several different types, which include candles, spotlights, and light bulbs
  • You can find dimmable or non-dimmable bulbs, which means they can change their brightness or color without requiring a dimmer switch.

LED lights have many benefits, the key of which are longevity and high energy efficiency. Although they will cost a little more initially, this will be recovered in the savings you will make from their efficiency. They are also much more eco-friendly than traditional lighting options.

Tips On Choosing LED Light Fixtures

LED light fixtures should be chosen based on the kind of light you prefer in a certain part of the home, office, store or outdoor space. The various styles that you can choose from include surface mounted, recessed, suspended and standalone lamps. Choosing the right LED fixtures and bulbs will ensure that an area is illuminated just as you would like it to be. For instance, a floor lamp is great for mood lighting, while a suspended light would offer focused lighting.

Choosing the Focal Area

Your choice of LED light fixtures is largely dependent on the focal area that you intend to illuminate. Hanging light fixtures are great to place over tables and work spaces. They offer focused lighting, and are great for homes, offices and stores. You can opt to use one or several such fixtures in any room.

To choose the size of the fixture, interior décor experts suggest that you calculate the sum of the length and width of the room. The sum should be measured in feet. The size of the fixture should be the same number, but in inches.
Recessed fixtures offer soft and effective illumination. Do keep in mind that the light from such fixtures should wash over the walls. As the light bounces of the walls, it lights up the room in a wonderful manner. With this sort of a fixture, the room is evenly lit.

Standalone lamps should be used to illuminate a specific area. For instance, a floor lamp can light up a corner and offer some mood lighting. For tables, you could choose from many styles of lamps. It would be a good idea to opt for one that allows you to control the light beam.

Surface mounted fixtures can be used in versatile ways. They can be used to spotlight objects and pieces of art. Store owners find this style of LED light fixtures great for illuminating the products displayed on shelves. In homes, offices and stores this style of LED light fixtures can be easily mounted on most surfaces.


It is important to choose the right bulbs to go with your fixtures. Instead of selecting a bulb based on the Watts it uses, consider its measurement in lumens. While lumens measure the brightness offered by a bulb, Watts only refer to its energy usage.
The color of the light influences our experience in the area it lights up. Bulbs that offer cool white light give out blue waves, and help the mind stay focused. In contrast, softer warmer white light relaxes the eyes and the mind.

Why You Definitely Need LED Home Lighting

Without a doubt, each and every home needs good lighting. Many homeowners are taking an extra step to acquire the best lighting without sparing their finances. However, quite a number of them are slowly moving towards LED (light emitting diode) bulbs. These are the best options right now, and offer more benefits than ordinary bulbs. The following are some of those reasons that will actually make you want these items in your home today.

Lighten Up the Outdoors

Several home exteriors have fixtures that come with incandescent light bulbs that serve as floodlights or spotlights. However, these types of bulbs consume a lot of energy and tend to make your electricity bill high. However, if you replace them with LED light bulbs, you will be surprised on the amount of money you will save. The best part, the amount of illumination that you will have is impressive; it is brighter than the more common incandescent bulbs that you are used to.

Concentrated Lighting

LED home lighting has become the perfect replacement to places where concentrated lighting is needed. If you would like to decorate with a piece of artwork, an indoor plant or even a fish tank, LED lights that give out very low level of light would actually be the best choice. It will light these places without necessarily ruining the required ambiance of the rest of the room.


LED bulbs have been known to last almost three times longer that those regular bulbs that we normally use in our homes. It is because of this very reason that buying LED bulbs will surely be the best investment. The initial cost might be a little bit higher, but it is worth it. Your energy consumption will be reduced drastically, plus, you will save on replacement bulbs.

Decoration with Light

It is because of the different colors of LED bulbs that homeowners and designers can now decorate their homes. LED bulbs can provide vibrant and extremely unique effects that can change the feel of the room.

They are the best and are worth every consideration. Do not be discouraged to dig a little deeper into your pocket for LED home lighting, because the investment will be well worth it.

The Uses And Benefits of LED Strip Lights

In the world of modern lighting design, LED strip lights are becoming increasingly popular. Although the uses of the strip lights (also called LED ribbon lights or LED tape lights) are varied enough, today’s lighting designers and architects will most commonly use these light strips for creating accent lighting within modern or industrial themed decors. The flexibility and the ease of use of these products have also made them highly popular with the DIYers.
But before we go further, here are some basic details about LED strip lights that you may find useful.

What Are LED Strip Lights?

LED strip lights are flexible circuit boards populated with tiny Led lights. You can cut the strip according to your chosen length and then connect the strip or the circuit board to a power unit (either by soldering wires to the end of the strip or you can also use a power connector accessory for a neater job). The back of these strips are commonly fitted with a strong adhesive tape which holds on tightly to many different types of surfaces—walls, wood, metal, fiberglass and so on.

Why LED Strip Lights?

There are many benefits to using a strip light. To begin with, the strips are highly flexible and you can bend them almost up to 90 degrees. This increases your options so much since now you can insert lights in places which would otherwise be impossible to access with standard lighting fixtures.

The strips are also really thin (2mm) which means that you can install them even in very tight spaces and keep them hidden from the view, too. Also, you can cut a LED strip every few inches and this feature enables you to get your desired length without any difficultly.

Another highly useful feature from a design perspective is that you can attach lights of different colors and brightness within a single strip. LED lights, in general, are manufactured in such a manner that they can emit a variety of single colors and with some of them, you also have the color changing options. And this allows so much scope and versatility to a lighting designer when he is setting up the lighting for a particular space.

In addition, some manufacturers also offer dimmable LED strip lights that are compatible with remote dimmers, wall dimmers and most DMX and home automation systems.

LED Lighting Is Beautiful And Practical

Lighting has been likened to jewelry for your home and LED lighting is the perfect stone choice. Beautiful lighting can completely transform a space into something magical. Normal light sources, like incandescent and neon, have several limitations when it comes to what is achievable in design. LED eliminates those limitations as it can be made to accommodate several designs of all different scales.

LED lighting is appropriate for a wide array of applications from private household use to an industrial setting. It is equally appropriate for business applications whether your providing lighting for employees or customers. After the initial investment of installation, LED costs mere fractions of another conventional lighting. The maximum energy efficient nature makes it a choice that is super economical and environmentally friendly. The long life of the bulb dramatically reduces waste in both materials and money.

The flexibility possible in application and design with LED lighting is enough reason to use it regardless of the enormous savings and lack of environmental impact. LED light strips are small and flexible. It is easy to place them in a recess in the architecture or shape them to accommodate any fixture that you can imagine and build.

Klus Design is the leading worldwide manufacturer of LED lighting and accessories. This is the company to use as they design everything that you need to achieve your lighting goals. They manufacture strips, fixtures, and extrusions to standard or custom specifications. Small private household design all the way to large factories and warehouses, are all jobs that Klus can and will accommodate. The fact that they are the leading manufacturer worldwide. This means they have the top of the line and cutting-edge LED manufacturing technology. Since they design and manufacture fixtures and extrusions, they understand the challenges faced with a custom design. The experience on all different scales of builds ensures that they can help you achieve any lighting design goal.

Do not forget the finishing adornments that LED lighting can provide any build. It is an economical and environmentally friendly choice. They provide a safe, well-lit environment as well as a welcoming environment.

LED Light Bulbs For Great Soft Lighting

Ever compared the lighting from a standard light or fluorescent light bulb to that which comes from a soft blue or white LED lighting system? They simply cannot be compared properly. The “standard” bulbs have a “hard” or eye abrasive yellow light or just buzz all the time, which makes you think you have a nest of mosquitoes right above your head!

Lower Prices
The biggest concern that had prevented many people from changing over to LEDs was the high price. In the early days, a single bulb could cost upwards of $100. This figure has plummeted over the last few years, and a high-quality bulb can now be bought for $10 or less. While this is still nearly 10 times the price of an incandescent bulb, the lower energy usage and longer lifespan make LEDs by far the cheaper option over the long-term.

Incandescent light bulbs have had a long run of success and popularity since they first revolutionized society in the late 19th century. Because of their drawbacks, however, the time is ripe for a more effective replacement. With the benefit of the latest technological advances, LEDs are finally ready to step up to the plate. Shouldn’t you be considering them when you next update your home decor?

Add  Recessed LED Lighting
Adding a backlight to your bathroom vanity is the perfect way to add elegance to what would otherwise be a utilitarian space. Whether you are in the midst of a bathroom upgrade or just trying to brighten things up, adding an LED backlight to the vanity mirror is a smart idea.

LED lights are perfect for backlighting. The brightness of the LEDs is perfect for the bathroom, and when dimmed they create a perfect, and perfectly elegant, look.

The growing popularity of LED lighting is due to a number of factors, including the energy efficiency of the technology, the low cost of operation and the elegant look and feel LEDs impart to every room of the house. Whether you are upgrading the lighting scheme in your kitchen or bathroom or just trying to change light bulbs less frequently, LED lights are the perfect choice.

KLUS LLC – LED Lighting Manufacturer

KLUS LED LIGHTING PRODUCTSIf you’ve followed the evolution of LED lighting in residential and commercial applications, then you’ve probably heard of KLUS Design. KLUS has a long manufacturing history that dates back to 1977. The goal of the designers has been to develop LED accessories and lighting designs that are unique and responsive to the demands of consumers. They use state-of-the art technology that makes the manufacturing process efficient starting from conceptualization of the product to design and final delivery of solutions.

The company claims ownership of some of the leading designs that are used in the US and Europe and a fair analysis of the market show that a majority of the company’s products have standard designs that define the trends in the linear LED accessories and lighting products.

With the introduction of the LED technology, the company has become one of the most innovative companies that have brought a refreshing approach into the new designs that illustrate a revolution of the lighting industry. The team of experienced Klus designers is supported by excellent technology that supplements their skills and expertise. Their experience has created a shift from conventional lighting to the distinct LED lighting systems that were not obtainable before. This is the reason why the company has seen a sharp increase in the overall demand for their products from different groups of consumers.

Klus design team is motivated by the growing demand for energy efficient lighting and LED accessories. Based on their experience in the lighting industry, Klus designers and technical support have been able to manufacture extremely energy efficient LEDs that can save up to 30% of the total energy consumption when compared to conventional (incandescent) bulbs. With the growing need for “bulbless” house, KLUS has generated an incredible demand for its products because of their ability to create LED accessories that come in extremely small dimensions.

The fact that the company creates fully functional lighting from energy efficient fixtures demonstrates how the company has come a long way in establishing eco-friendly and modern lighting systems. They manufacture LED lighting systems that can be installed in numerous and complex applications that require lighting such as closets, kitchen cabinets, electrical appliances and other furnishing applications. The company manufactures lighting systems that are not only fully functional, but also attractive in the sense that they create value for a customer’s money.

For homeowners, commercial and industrial establishments that are looking for LED lighting, contacting Klus designers could be the difference between high-energy consumption and low-cost linear LED lighting through high-definition LED accessories.

A Look Into The Future Of LED Lighting

led-lights-for-the-homeLED lighting products have come a long way from the days when it was most recognized as the little red lights on laser pointers. Today, these highly energy efficient lighting miracles are used for everything from lighting up the space under counter tops to elaborate outdoor signage. They are found providing patio lighting and the perfect glow for display cases, posters, and even works of art.

LED Lights are found at Disney World, Lego Land, the Mead Center for American Theatre, and at the presidential podium at NASA. Performers such as Chris Brown and the Black Eyed Peas use them to bring extra atmosphere and an eye-popping presence to the show. They have shined on America’s Got Talent, Dancing with the Stars, and the BET Awards, among other shows.

Just based on the recent past, the future of LED lighting looks bright. A 2015 survey by KRC Research for Osram Sylvania found that more than 65 percent of Americans questioned had purchased LED lighting for their homes since the incandescent light went into phase-out mode in early 2014. The primary motivators for those surveyed were reduced energy consumption, the costs savings, and the lifespan of the bulbs.

Lighting experts, however, see more in the future of LED lighting than just turning them on and off as needed to break through the dark. A major development that is spreading fast are LED lighting systems that are intelligent as well as efficient and that can communicate with each other to adjust the color as well as the brightness.

Intelligent lighting systems are envisioned for use in everything from cars and cameras to operating rooms and automated factories. In autos, for example, smart headlights will “see” oncoming traffic and lower the beam at the appropriate time. Factories will use lighting systems that can balance the current of parallel LED strings and control nearby light sources so machine vision systems can always read part markings.

These expanded uses have researchers working to come up with new and better drivers for the LED chip. These newer systems will allow for ever-greater communication between drivers to expand the capabilities of LED lighting products and guarantee consistency.