LED Light Bulbs For Great Soft Lighting

Ever compared the lighting from a standard light or fluorescent light bulb to that which comes from a soft blue or white LED lighting system? They simply cannot be compared properly. The “standard” bulbs have a “hard” or eye abrasive yellow light or just buzz all the time, which makes you think you have a nest of mosquitoes right above your head!

Lower Prices
The biggest concern that had prevented many people from changing over to LEDs was the high price. In the early days, a single bulb could cost upwards of $100. This figure has plummeted over the last few years, and a high-quality bulb can now be bought for $10 or less. While this is still nearly 10 times the price of an incandescent bulb, the lower energy usage and longer lifespan make LEDs by far the cheaper option over the long-term.

Incandescent light bulbs have had a long run of success and popularity since they first revolutionized society in the late 19th century. Because of their drawbacks, however, the time is ripe for a more effective replacement. With the benefit of the latest technological advances, LEDs are finally ready to step up to the plate. Shouldn’t you be considering them when you next update your home decor?

Add  Recessed LED Lighting
Adding a backlight to your bathroom vanity is the perfect way to add elegance to what would otherwise be a utilitarian space. Whether you are in the midst of a bathroom upgrade or just trying to brighten things up, adding an LED backlight to the vanity mirror is a smart idea.

LED lights are perfect for backlighting. The brightness of the LEDs is perfect for the bathroom, and when dimmed they create a perfect, and perfectly elegant, look.

The growing popularity of LED lighting is due to a number of factors, including the energy efficiency of the technology, the low cost of operation and the elegant look and feel LEDs impart to every room of the house. Whether you are upgrading the lighting scheme in your kitchen or bathroom or just trying to change light bulbs less frequently, LED lights are the perfect choice.