What Are LED Profiles?

20100525134727zestawienieoslonkaprofilzalAs options for lighting have expanded, so has the terminology. For example, those who recently have remodeled a room or installed a new lighting system undoubtedly have heard of LED tape and strips. However, their lighting technician may not completely have explained how lights are installed with precision, and so they are left wondering, What are LED profiles?

LED profiles, otherwise known as extrusions, are aluminum channels that house the lighting tape. The terms can be used interchangeably to describe casings that will fit snugly into the grooves in ceilings, walls, closets, floors, cabinets, and stairs. The profiles allow you to place LED lights exactly where they are intended without having to resort to obtrusive and bulky hardware.

In addition to guiding and positioning LED strips, profiles also will help prevent contact damage. They are not waterproof, but they can help prevent the intrusion of moisture and thus extend the life of the light strip.

LED Profile Style Options

Profiles are designed in a variety of configurations to fit most any situation and offer different advantages. The selection is so vast, most of those who are considering changes to their lighting pattern likely will need the help of a professional to select just the right extrusion.

The type and depth of the profile will depend on where the lighting will be placed and the effect it is intended to present when it is finally installed. Profiles are specially designed to house lighting that is to be installed on drywall or ceilings. They can be angled or glass edged. They also can be heavy duty and rugged for pavement and sidewalk use, or combined with an optic lens to narrow and extend the reach of the light. There even are LED floor lamps built using extrusions.

Profile Installation Options

There are two primary ways to install LED profiles. Many can be fixed into place with the application of counter sink screws that are driven directly into the profile. For some applications, it may be preferable to install them using fixing brackets. The brackets are put in place first. Then the profile can simply be snapped into place, which will leave them with a clean, sleek look.

Busting LED Lighting Myths

LED Lightings
LED Lightings

You are here knowing LED lights are our future sources of artificial lights. But there are some rumors that are indefinitely postponing mainstream arrival of LED lights. Let’s look into a few.

LED’s Do Not Save Power

Compared to incandescent and fluorescent bulbs, LED lighting results in much less power consumption. To be precise, LED lights exhaust half and 1/8th of power gulped in by fluorescent and incandescent lights. And these figures aren’t it – LED efficiency is likely to get better with time.

LED’s Cost a Bomb

Yes, LED’s are not as cheap as their less power-efficient bulbs, but the difference isn’t sun and earth. LED’s are chips and if historic physics has to be considered, the prices will go down eventually. At the moment, LED’s make up for their high initial price with their pocket-friendly power consumption traits.

LED’s are Fragile

This can’t be any farther from the truth. In fact, TV manufacturers, car makers, industrial equipment makers and street light manufacturers have already shifted gears to LED’s to cash in on the power-saving traits.

But, that’s not all. It’s believed the real reason behind the transition is LED’s ability to gel well with the tumble and rough of routine life. Unlike regular bulbs, LED’s do not shatter. Also, they do not have electrodes or mercury that snap easily.

LED’s Aren’t Trustworthy Yet

Many believe the LED industry hasn’t matured enough to earn consumer trust. Consumer feedback cannot be generalized, but several industries and manufacturers have enhanced thermal management. The installations are ranging from top healthcare institutions to Fortune 100 firms and so on. Certain organizations have qualified LED bulbs, with warranties increasing on tubes to as far as a decade on specific LED tubes.

This lack of faith extends to the manufacturers as well – especially, new companies that are suspected to not stay around for long when the warranty claims come in. This is unnecessary paranoia again, but if you’d like some security still, opt for performance-based initiatives such as lighting service contracts, savings shares, or LED rental centers. By doing so, you are not making complete payment for the product and not left to chase the manufacturer if failure happens.

The Future Is Now At The Light + Building Expo

LED Lighting In many ways, the cheap energy enjoyed in North America is not always conducive to innovation. Over in Europe, where costs are much higher, it is certainly true that minds are more quickly welcoming of new ways in which energy costs can be reduced. This is not to say that American businessmen are dinosaurs, just that they have less incentive to bear the costs of renovation solely for the purpose of cutting down on power consumption.

Yet they are no less interested in the possibilities that modern LED lighting systems can offer from an aesthetic or architectural standpoint. In that regard, the 2016 Light + Building Convention held in Germany turned out to be a raging success for all concerned. Naturally, every lighting manufacturer was there in force—delighted to show off the amazing advances in design that have become possible with new cooler-operating LED fixtures.

In many ways, LEDs offer one of the biggest leaps forward since the invention of the candle. Lighting no longer has to conform to a set design pattern or conform to a rigid catalog of rules to ensure safe operation. The former need for fixtures to remain open to maintenance personnel had been largely cancelled by the vastly-extended service life of the new light elements.

Of course the LED Light + Building Convention is also about the advanced environmental support systems that are also coming into use. New smart switches and monitors can automatically adjust to the presence or absence of humans. They can learn from daily routines and adapt to more efficiently light, heat, cool, and service modern buildings.

In short, there was a plethora of new ideas on display that can be justified both on accounting and architectural grounds. Nor were the opportunities for participants to educate themselves on how best to utilize these new items forgotten. Seminars of all sorts were available to show how to achieve great savings in both new installation and retrofitting into older structures.

Drawing the individual technological pieces together into a single holistic creation was a major point of emphasis in this year’s exposition. While ” Digital — Individual — Networked” served as the official motto of the show, the phrase omits one of the most commented-upon aspects of the entire experience—stunning.

3 Amazing New Ideas To Incorporate LED Lighting Fixtures In Your Home

LED fixtures
LED fixtures

LED lighting fixtures have come a far way in just a few years. The newest models are convenient, easy to install, and look beautiful in your home. If you’re still hesitant to make the switch to all LED lighting here are some stunning examples to help ease your mind. Our top three amazing new ideas for LED lights are:

1. Led Chandeliers

Imagine beautiful twinkling candles suspended over your dining room table. There’s no risk of fire or mess and the romantic light is just as real as genuine candles. LED Chandeliers feature multiple elements, however, our favorites are those that take advantage of the LED’s ability to perfectly replace the candle. A simple upgrade means that every meal you eat at the table will be a candlelight experience!

2. Outdoor lighting

LED’s are perfect for illuminating your backyard and patio area. Their low cost makes them affordable to run all day while their durability ensures that you won’t be replacing light bulbs constantly. LED’s are easy to protect from the weather and elements, they also look great. We love them in classic wall pendants and tall post lights which add a touch of charm while remaining extremely practical. You can even place certain LEDs directly in your pool or pond, creating an amazing effect!

3. Bright LED flood lights

LEDs are brighter than traditional lights, they’re also cheaper to run. That’s why our favorite place to feature them, in our home, is in a security flood light. Their bright light and cheap cost effective power use make them the perfect choice to keep your drive and walks illuminated. Since illuminated sidewalks and driveways increase visibility at night, they deter crime, pests, and provide light for you when you’re leaving or coming home during the night. Most flood lights run at a wattage lower than 65 watts — meaning you’ll save lots of money on your electric bill while keeping your family safe.

No matter what you lighting needs are, LEDs make it a bright, affordable option for you. Check out all our other ideas to choose the right LED lights for your home.

5 New Designer Looks For Your Kitchen, Using LED Lighting

kitchen-led-lightingCraving that new designer look in your home’s kitchen? LED lighting brightens up even the smallest kitchen with an updated new style. From recessed lighting to strip lighting, there is an LED lighting solution that’s right for your kitchen. Here are our top 5 styles:

1. Lighted Drawers — So you can find everything you need.
Lighted drawers are everywhere this design season and there’s every reason for them to be. They’re convenient, easy to install, and your current cupboards can usually be adapted to fit them. Simple strip lighting will illuminate even the smallest corner of your drawers and cabinets with soft LED. Since it is LED, it’s even affordable and long lasting, making sure you save money and your new lighting is built to last.

2. Spot Lighting — for an upscale look
Spot lighting is ideal for a large kitchen with a need to draw focus to a certain area. Spot lighting is just right for artwork, tables, work stations and other areas that need a bright light. Spotlighting installed with LEDs can be both from your ceiling and from under the counter or ledge. Making lighting far easier to pinpoint to a limited area.

3. Ambient Lighting — For a permanent style upgrade

Install multicolored ambient lighting in your kitchen and gain the ability to change the color of your kitchen with just a touch of a button. Multicolored ambient lighting is amazing for holidays, parties, and just anytime you need a change in your kitchen! LEDs have the capacity to show a wide variety of light, giving you a wide selection of colors to choose from.

4. Floor lighting — To guide your way
Floor lighting is the newest trend from all the design shows and it is made possible with LED lighting. Embedded directly into your floor, LED lights guide your way through your kitchen with futuristic strip lighting.

5. Clean accent lights — for a sophisticated kitchen
Accent lights are no longer a high-cost feature, they’re affordable and easy to install behind your stove, under your counter, cabinets or where ever else you kitchen needs a small amount of light. Create any type of effect with a wide variety of lights perfect for you needs.

No matter you lighting needs, LEDs offer a low cost, easy to install and simple solution for your kitchen. Try one or all of these ideas and enjoy your new updated kitchen at only a fraction of the price.

Finding A Certified Cell Phone Repair Center

17992196_sToday’s mobile phone models are much more sophisticated and feature-rich than those that were prevalent in the past, which unfortunately means that there’s a lot that can go wrong with them. If your phone isn’t working right, then you may need to look for a cell phone repair center in your area. Certified techs can conduct guaranteed repairs so that you don’t have to for over hundreds of dollars for a new smartphone.

Find A Tech That Specializes In Repairing Your Device

Some cell phone repair centers focus exclusively on iphones, others Android, and some are proficient at both.   Whether your screen is cracked, your battery has died or your apps aren’t working the way you want them too, it’s extremely likely that a good cell phone repair technician will know exactly what to do to successfully resolve the issue.

Check Online Reviews

Make sure you check online reviews, and do a research on the repair centers in your area.   Check for a A rating with the BBB, and good 4-5 stars on YELP, or other review sites.   You’ll be able to tell right away if the repair center actually has a certified technician, or a high school student watching youtube videos in the back to figure out how to perform a repair.    Many cell phone repair centers report that they get many customers that were lured into a unqualified repair center based upon a low price gimmick, and unfortunately ended up with a non-functioning phone, and sometimes even a phone in pieces.

Ask For A Free Diagnosis & Quote

In many cases, cell phone repairs can be performed in as little as 30 minutes or less, or while you wait, so it makes sense to simply stop in and ask for a quote.  Make sure they wait for your approval to move forward with a repair.  It not fun to find out you dropped off a phone for a diagnosis, and return to find a repair phone with an invoice waiting.

We all know how dependant we have become on our mobile devices.  We use them many tasks every day, which is another reason why repair is an attractive option.Don’t forget that most mobile device repair centers also repair iphones, ipads, ipods, android smartphones, tablets, and in some cases laptops.   So before you reach for your wallet to pay for a replacement phone, make a few phone calls and see how fast and affordable a repair would be in your area.

Turn On A New Energy Saving Future With LED Lights

swithing to LEDThe invention of the light bulb completely transformed man’s interaction with the world, opening the night to activity in ways torches, candles, and gas lights never could. That progress continues and becomes incredibly more energy efficient with advances in LED lights, or light emitting diodes.

Progress in this technology allow homes and businesses to easily incorporate LED lights to replace their existing lighting systems. New designs in fixtures, flexible circuit boards, and extruders, can make light more than just a convenience, but also a work of art. By placing strips of light overhead, under counters, along stair steps, and in other recesses, LED technology not only can be used to design a brighter space with greater illumination, but also a greater artistic vision.

The word is out about the green environmental advantages LED lights encompass. They are far more energy efficient than the old incandescent light bulbs, using 90 percent less energy. The sturdy, solid lights also have a much longer lifespan, lasting an average of about 50,000 hours. That means that an LED light that is operating eight hours a day will last 17 years before needing changing, dramatically cutting operating and maintenance costs.

LED lights also have proven to be much safer, since they generate no heat and actually are cool to the touch. This allows them to be used in areas other systems cannot, lighting up spaces where people may put their hands or lean against. It also reduces the risk of fires that have been caused by the heat generated by earlier generation lighting.

Because LED lights do not use fragile filaments or glass, they are far more durable than incandescent or fluorescent lights. The LED light itself is a small chip encased in an epoxy resin. Their durability in the event of vibration, shock, or extreme temperatures has made them highly viable for use as a lighting source in aviation, automotive, and aerospace applications as well as in the military and for traffic and security lighting.

The U.S. Department of Energy sees great potential as more and more residential, business, and industrial users turn to LED lighting. It hopes to see a 50 percent reduction in the energy used for lighting in a relatively short term.

5 Things You Can Do With LED Lighting Strips

KLUS LED STRIP LIGHTSLED lighting strips are affordable, cost effective lighting options that allow you to effortlessly install light in common areas around the house. These versatile lights are also great to use outdoor, around the office, for store and trade show displays and on your vehicles. Here are five tips on what you can do with LED lighting strips.

What You Can Do With LED Lighting Strips

1. Set the right mood
Ditch the candles during romantic dinners and quiet baths. LED strips (like our LED Bathroom Lighting) allow you to create the right ambiance by providing ample lighting to set the mood and help you relax.

2. Install lighting wherever you need it
LED lighting strips allow you to install light where it may be otherwise difficult or expensive. Examples of such areas include under the counter, around the bathroom mirror, along the drive way or along steps to be used at nights. These allow you to line or outline just about anything.

3. Effortless Add Beauty
Do you dream of becoming the envy of the neighborhood with your very own stunning pond, driveway or front lawn light show? LED strips make this much easier because they seamlessly mix function and aesthetics. Best of all, they give you the option of manually changing the color whenever you want or automatically changing colors using one of the built-in change modes.

4. Decorate for a celebration
LED strips typically come with two-way adhesive tape which makes it easy to install. The tape makes decorating for Christmas, birthday parties and other celebration a breeze and the color change modes make them ideal for replacing traditional lights while cutting cost.

5. Keep monsters at bay
Is fear of the dark making bedtime difficult but you find night lights too bright and costly? Led strips can help make bed time less challenging because they provide the right amount of light to set your little one’s mind at ease. They also make great lighting for sleepovers.

While the above uses all seem practical, what you can do with LED lighting strips is limited only by your imagination. In fact, this might be a great time to get started on that LED virtual sky above your bed or LED wallpaper for the little one!

Get more ideas here

Make A Difference With LED Closet Lighting

closet LEDThey say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If that is true, then KLUS LED closet lighting fixtures offer a way to shine a new element of elegance upon an often neglected area of the home. Closets have long been neglected when it comes to proper home design and frequently offer not much more than a single overhead fixture. While this rather staid and unimaginative method of lighting may perform the most basic functions, there are ample reasons for upgrading to superior modern LED lighting technology.

The most obvious reason is that closets are often filled with a large quantity of items that end up blocking out some or all the light shed by an overhead assembly, often in the most inconvenient of ways. What starts out as a perfectly acceptable form of illumination in an empty space ends up as a complete failure once the closet is actually in use for its designed purpose. Of course the advent of modern LED closet lighting has made it possible to get light right down into the tightest of spaces without any risk of heat damage or fire, as was once the case with ordinary incandescent lighting.

It is now possible to put light inside drawers and in the back of storage cubicles so that one can see what actually lurks inside these typically shaded enclosures. Beautiful and versatile LED lighting can also be used to better display and set off the clothes hanging in a closet. This makes it possible to judge how they actually look under the lighting conditions in which they will be used. The normal closet is so neglected and the potential methods of painting this empty space with all manner of LED closet lighting that the design possibilities are simply staggering.

For those who are looking to really make a statement in their homes and create something unique and of lasting beauty and utility, closets are a great place to rise above the ordinary limits of home decor. The energy savings of LED fixtures and the enhanced resale value added by such an upgraded area will more than repay the initial investment.

Home Exterior LED Lighting

LED strip lighting
LED strip lighting

Until now, home exterior LED lighting has been rather neglected as a way of literally brightening up the outside of any property. Most people have been content to screw new LED bulbs into their old porch fixtures and accept the energy savings even if it doesn’t really do that much to enhance the appearance of the home.

That old paradigm is now at an end, thanks to the revolutionary new home exterior LED lighting fixtures manufactured by KLUS Designs. Instead of upgrading your existing light fixtures with new bulbs, it is now possible to replace those unimaginative old dinosaurs with any number of stunning KLUS fixtures engineered to maximize the design impact of tastefully-arranged new LED additions to the outside of your home.

LED fixtures free the installer from the rather narrow parameters imposed by older styles of lighting. In particular, the very low amount of heat generated by LEDs means that outdoor lighting can now be artfully deployed in many areas that were not previously possible due to the likelihood of damage caused by hot light fixtures. Nor should it be forgotten that weather effects can greatly degrade ordinary glass bulb lighting outdoors.

Safe, sturdy, sealed LED lighting has none of these drawbacks and offers a plethora of new design opportunities. Imagine using ground level baby spots to create a stunning shadow or backlit effect on the landscaping. Trace a winding walkway with recessed fixtures set into the side of a brick retaining wall.

LED lighting also offers a wide range of design types and light colors as well. The artistically-inclined are not restricted to working with a series of round orbs. LEDs come in squares and long runs and flexible light sticks that can be curved and twisted into any shape desired. Cunning and unique methods of turning these new fixtures on and off are also now available.

When the time comes to beautify a new home or simply to rejuvenate an older one, home exterior LED lighting products from KLUS designs (www.klusdesign.com) offers the best of all worlds. Not only do they have the most modern and energy-efficient designs, but they also build their fixtures to last through a lifetime of service.